Fulton Lodge Installs New Officers

Fulton Lodge № 69 held its installation of officers on Wednesday, December 2, 2015.  WM Erik Nielsen of Benjamin Franklin № 83 acted as installing master, and W. District Deputy Grand Master James Gajdosik acted as installing marshal.  Visitors from several area lodges were in attendance.  Dinner and fellowship followed the installation.

Fulton Lodge's 2016 Officers

In the photo left to right: Glen Witt, JD; Mike Green, SD; Bob Bradley, SW; Leroy Huber, Counselor; Adam T. Witt, WM; James Gajdosik, Installing Marshall; Roger Amundson, Tiler; Kevin Masanz, Secretary/Treasurer; Michael J. Penyak, III, JW.

Fulton Lodge is proud to present the following officers installed for the 2016 Masonic year:

Adam T. Witt, WM

Bob Bradley, SW

Michael J. Penyak, III, JW

Mike Green, SD

Glen Witt, JD

Kevin Masanz, Secretary/Treasurer

Roger Amundson, Tiler

Leroy Huber, Counselor